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Penny Pinching and How It Leads to Wealth Building


Hello World,

I know this may sound crazy but I give myself an allowance of a hundred dollars a  month after I pay my bills? I know you may be thinking that this is not enough money to live on but it is.  Not only do I give myself a hundred dollars to live on each month after I pay my bills I usually don’t spend the whole hundred dollars….I don’t.

I love free activities (movie in the park, free movie screenings, running at/near the beach, free samples, checking out books at the library, etc).  I also enjoy clipping coupons, getting free samples of food and everyday products, etc.

I am obsessed with building wealth, so it only makes sense that my first post is about—-Penny Pinching and How It Leads to Wealth Building . It is a common misconception that building wealth refers to thousands upon thousands of dollars needed to start saving and that it only involves money. When I first began building my wealth I was penny, nickel and dime saver.  I am the woman that picks up the dime from the curb and put it in her pocket and keep it moving.

I believe what most people fail to realize is that wealth helps to create opportunities. It creates A LOT of opportunities; it creates self empowerment,  independence,  self-awareness.  It also creates all the things that should come naturally in life. When people amass debt it hinders their natural freedoms.  Wealth is not just about financials, it’s about your happiness, love, security, curiosity, being grateful, etc.

I am not writing this blog for people to be critical. I want people to start thinking about building wealth for happiness, love, security, curiosity, being grateful, etc. Please leave you comments below so we can inspire others to become wealthy (whatever that means to you because each person is different). Until next time remember to Penny Pinch and start  Building your Wealth.